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Instagram-Worthy Restaurant

Instagram-worthy Three Monkeys restaurant

If you are an influencer traveling to Phuket, you might not want to miss a chance to visit the Three Monkeys restaurant. Three Monkeys is a blend of nature and Bamboo art with many Instagrammable spots and enjoyable spaces. Are you looking to grab your Instagram followers’ attention? If so, Three Monkeys should be on your bucket list.

Instagram-worthy architecture


Three Monkeys restaurant is a luxury amid the wild due to its blend of modern construction and traditional interior design. You will feel like chilling in the jungle comfortably. It is a Thai-wood-inspired restaurant and all the materials in the restaurant are made of traditional Thai wood materials supported by the modern architectural structure. So, the restaurant decoration and architecture are also capture-worthy and worth saving memories especially if you are exploring Thai Traditional architecture photos. You can choose to sit inside or outside the dining area and you can breathe the fresh open air of the jungle. 


Instagram-worthy monkey nests at Three Monkeys


It is located next to Hanuman World where you can play zipline, roller, and luge. Three Monkeys is located in the rainforest and it has the most pleasing atmosphere in town, giving you the best vibes of mother nature surrounded by palm and banyan trees. If you want to get away from the traffic noise, air, and light pollution of downtown, Three Monkeys Restaurant is a must-visit place for you. 

While dining in the restaurant, you might also hear the chirping of birds and the natural sound of the Jungle. You could also enjoy the soft music playing in the background in the restaurant. Sometimes, the restaurant has live music performances that are very soothing to your soul. You will see the breathtaking view of the town from the top. If you go before sunset, you can see the stunning scenery of the colorful sky which is worth taking a photo and that is the best time to enjoy both the daylight and nightlife of Three Monkeys. The restaurant is a broad space and a combination of multi-level dining areas with a separate smoking area and a restroom nearby. 

Walking inside a restaurant feels like you’re on a jungle adventure or being transported to a fairytale realm. You will also see the people having fun riding the Roller around the trees of the restaurant. There are also Monkey Nests where you can dine in private with your family and friends. Although it gives you the wild nature of Jungle vibes, it is very cozy and comfortable to chill, sit back, and relax. You can also create the most romantic dinner with your partner at the Monkey Nest.

Instagram-worthy food

Presentation of Food 

Beyond food being delicious and enjoyable, Three Monkeys’ food presentations are outstanding and capture-worthy for Instagram. Three Monkeys has a style of food display and nature-inspired decoration. The food is also decorated and presented creatively and beautifully without losing its theme of a nature-focused restaurant. One of the most beautiful and Instagrammable drinks is Three Monkeys’ signature smoothie which is served in vibrant colors of fruits in a unique style container. 

If you are a coffee lover, you can try the express Coconut which is served in the coconut. Also, don’t forget to try cocktails and drinks such as KENG and SUM-KAI which has its distinctive styles of presentation. You might want to capture them to keep the memories and post them on your Instagram story. 

Instagram-worthy photography spots

Instagram-worthy photography spots

Three Monkeys has an expansive space and crafted many Instagram-worthy photography spots for guests. It’s not just a restaurant opened in a jungle. It has been designed to make sure the customer enjoys the authentic feeling of refreshing experiences in the jungle. If you want to travel to Three Monkeys to take a better picture, we suggest you come with friends or a partner rather than alone so they can photograph you with nature. Taking a selfie might is not sufficient enough to capture all around the natural environment.  

Overall, Three Monkeys is the finest spot to escape reality and experience freedom and delicious meals. Both the cuisines and interior décors are Instagram-worthy, don’t forget to take the photos and share them on Instagram. We are glad to welcome you with the finest Southern Thai cuisine and unforgettable jungle dining experiences.