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Celebrate your special days at 3M

special days at 3M

Special days deserve to be celebrated in special places. Three Monkeys’ wonderful ambiance and outstanding service are excellently curated which is suitable for special occasions. You can celebrate birthday parties, anniversary dinners, and even honeymoon dinners at Three Monkeys.

Exceptional Dining Experience

Three Monkeys provides not just cuisine but also a unique dining experience for each customer. Three Monkeys is more than just a restaurant constructed amid the jungle. It is intended to provide the ultimate jungle experience, with every aspect of the restaurant perfectly incorporated into the jungle theme. Our staff is also very friendly and ready to help you all the way to make sure you’ll get the best dining experience for your special days. 

If you want to make a surprise and make the occasion more memorable, you can book the Three Monkeys’ Birthday services. There are two options for a birthday party which are the Monkey Mini Set and the Monkey Premium Set. The Birthday Mini set includes one piece of Tiramisu Cake and Balloons which is good for small numbers of people. Birthday Premium set includes 1 pound of black forest cake and 1 set of balloon poles. You can pay extra fees to add flower bouquets to these packages. You can request to customize these packages for any other special days such as anniversaries. 

celebrating special days at Three Monkeys

Unique Atmosphere for Special days

Three Monkeys is located in the soothing and relaxing Hanuman World Jungle. The restaurant is built on a tree like a tree house and blended into nature. The atmosphere is relaxing and you will be free and get a vibe of freedom because of its open-air area design.

The gentle breeze will tease your hair and make you feel refreshed.  You can also take a deep breath of the fresh air of the jungle. You can also see the stunning view of the Phuket City from above. Three Monkeys’ environment is so pleasant and relaxed that you want to just stay there and never leave. 

 Don’t miss out on creating memories that will never get old. It is also an excellent location for people seeking the right place to shoot pre-wedding photographs or propose to their loved ones. 

Three monkeys have a distinct attractiveness both during the day and at night. There is also live music at Night which makes the night more peaceful and adds a unique touch to your special days. The restaurant is also photo-worthy and beautifully features at night. Yellow lanterns and walkways lined with small light bulbs make you feel like a prince or princess from a Disney fairytale.

Private dining area for special days at Three Monkeys

Memorable Dinner together

Dinner is more meaningful when you eat with your loved ones. You can create a sense of togetherness at Three Monkeys. If you want to dine in private and want to feel the luxury and comfort at the same time, you can book  “Monkey Dome” and “Monkey Nest ” which are the private dining areas at Three Monkeys restaurant. 

There are also a lot of mouthwatering meals to choose from. The first thing you should consider is the taste of authentic southern Thai meals. Three Monkeys is famous for it. So, if you want to try the real taste of Thai Food, this is a good chance for you. 

The seafood at Three Monkeys is also incredibly fresh and delicious. Because of that freshness, Japanese meals such as Sashimi and Sushi are delicious and also worth trying. Three Monkeys offers a variety of drink selections for your special days such as cocktails, mocktails, and milkshakes.  

dinner for special days at Three Monkeys

With the best southern Thai Cuisine, breathtaking views, relaxing atmosphere, and exceptional services, Three Monkeys is the perfect spot for those who are looking for the ideal restaurant to celebrate their special days. We believe you will exceed your expectations when you visit Three Monkeys. Make lasting memories and make your big day unforgettable at Three Monkeys, and you will not regret every second of the time.