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Located in the heart of Phuket’s trendy Phuket Town area, Three Monkeys is a stunning restaurant that seamlessly blends contemporary design with tropical jungle inspiration and influences. From the moment you step through the entrance, you’re transported into a chic, yet relaxed oasis that perfectly captures the essence of sophisticated beachside living. The restaurant is located right in the heart of the Phuket Jungle Sanctuary, next to Hanuman World Adventure Park. The restaurant boasts extreme open-air jungle-themed decor and Japanese and Thai-style decor across the entire restaurant.

Decor entrance of 3M

The Open-Air Concept
One of the most striking aspects of Three Monkeys’ design is its open-air concept, which allows the gentle breezes and natural light to flow freely throughout the space. The space is great for watching the sunset over the restaurant and Phuket Town. The restaurant is centered around a lush, tropical garden courtyard complete with swaying palm trees and a small bamboo swing and hanging seating, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

The main dining area is inside for those who want to sit in the air-conditioned atmosphere away from the crowd. The outside main dining area is an open-air concept Japanese style that features a seating area on the floor, giving visitors a more comfortable at-home feeling. The peaked roof is crafted from traditional Thai wood and thatch materials, giving a nod to the architectural heritage. However, the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic prevent the space from feeling overtly rustic. Instead, it is an almost Zen-like ambiance, kind of like being in meditation at a yoga retreat, giving you a feeling of being in the jungle and a serene restaurant out in the open.

Contemporary Elements
While Three Monkeys embraces its tropical surroundings, with the zipline park in the distance of the entire restaurant, the design also incorporates plenty of modern, cosmopolitan elements. Letting customers understand they can enjoy the venue and picturesque atmosphere of the bamboo, Thai wood-inspired restaurant. The bar area, for instance, offers a sleek and urban contrast to the natural wood and greenery, giving a relaxing feel and serene vibes.

The furniture throughout consists of plush rattan sofas, luxurious white daybeds, elegant black-framed chairs, and a sophisticated mix of materials and styles. Hanging rattan globe pendants and other lighting fixtures with intricate, geometric designs add warmth and visual interest. The most talked about seating area of the restaurant is the hammock area, where many people like to lay and sit while they are sipping pour-over coffee or a nice tropical drink.

Decor Japanese Open-Air concept

Thoughtful Zoning
Despite its open, free-flowing layout, Three Monkeys’ design incorporates different “zones” and nooks that allow for varied dining experiences. The main restaurant area has both open-air and covered sections, as well as elevated alcoves with privacy blinds for smaller groups.

There’s also a sultry, dimly-lit lounge area with cozy banquette seating that’s perfect for evening cocktails. And of course, there’s the requisite beach club area right on the sand, complete with plush daybeds and umbrellas for soaking up the sun.

No matter where you’re seated, hanging terracotta planters and leafy green walls surround you, maintaining that breezy, tropical feel. But perhaps the most incredible spot is the second-floor, open-air dining deck, where you can take in stunning views of the Andaman Sea between dining courses.

Sustainability Matters
In addition to creating an Instagram-worthy atmosphere, the design of Three Monkeys also emphasizes eco-friendly practices. With well-kept care of plants, trees, and the wooden atmosphere, Three Monkeys aspires to help everyone to be a more eco-friendly restaurant and think about the environment that is offered to each place on earth. The amazing open-air setup minimizes the need for excessive air conditioning, and industrial fans, while ample ceiling fans(inside) help circulate airflow.

Many of the building materials are locally sourced and sustainable, like the repurposed wood used for some design accents. Which you can see throughout the entire restaurant and facilities on the location.  And the lush, edible garden cultivates the freshness that the restaurant gives off when walking through the environment. and enjoying the views.

Decor with Elegance

The sleek design of Three Monkeys feels like an elegant merging of nature and modern living. It is a restaurant that stands out amongst many restaurants in Phuket. With its amazing beauty, delicious food, and even savory drinks here at Three, Monkeys Phuket we guarantee you some of the most fun and delicious times in Thailand. A beautiful laid-back island luxury while offering a truly unique, design-forward aesthetic.

Design & Modern Work

One visit and you’ll be dreaming of your return to this tropical paradise. if you want to enjoy a good time in Phuket all while enjoying nice cuisine, then book your table at Three Monkeys by calling us, our WhatsApp, or just sending us an email with the booking date, time, and how many people and we will gladly get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you.