Indulge and Eat

Imagine yourself reclining on soft decorated patterned cushions while the sun gleams over your face giving you a sun-kissed glow. As the faint aroma of grilled sea bass mingles with sweet frangipani breezes, as you toast the shimmering purple sunset with a nice iced mojito or a nice glass of wine. If this island reverie that appeals to your Phuket fantasy, visiting acclaimed the Three Monkeys restaurant should top your vacation when visiting the pristine beautiful Phuket Island.

Minimally 30 minutes away from  the lively Patong Beach, Three Monkeys’ chic yet rustic jungle rainforest location feels sensational and more serene, than staying on the hot beach all day. As you enter the restaurant you will see the beautiful Handwoven rattan furnishings, reclaimed driftwood finishes and intricate Thai textile accents amplify bohemian tropical charm throughout this lush hideaway. Guests revel at the venue’s seamless indoor-outdoor flow letting enchanting photo-gentic and Instagram vistas steal the scene through breezy cabanas, perfect for your social media presence.

Indulge in The scene

And a few of Phuket venues rival Three Monkeys’ mastery at elevating classic Thai cuisine with artful European, Thai, and Western flare fit for global cosmopolitans. Signatures like chicken satay, zesty papaya salads and amazing spicy curries to add balance and flavor profiles appealing across Eastern and Western palates. Their extensive raw bar and Mediterranean-inspired seafood menu impresses as well from lush sea urchin pastas to simply grilled sustainable catches dressed with EVOO.

erupting with amazing flavor and flair here at Three Monkeys you can choose from a wide variety of delicious and prestigious cuisine from all of the world. If you like seafood or sushi our menu has a lot in store for you.Captivating your tastebuds on a culinary adventure like no other. Experience the true meaning of Three Monkeys Phuket.

Beyond world-class global fare creatively presented, as we are often getting repeat visitors that rave amazingly about the restaurant’s transportive atmosphere softly igniting all the senses. From the beautiful picturesque walk ways, to watching the visitors explore there adventure on the zip-lines, or the luge cart track below. As flickering lanterns cast swaying shadows across weathered teak finishes as acoustic tunes mingle with laughter as they sip their drinks and enjoy the sunny weather and live music.

Indulge in laughter and cuisine

So if dreams of rainforest jungle greenery adventure dining where vibrant Thai flavors mingle deliciously with captures of lush sunsets is your fantasy of island living, then dining at Three Monkeys should top your Phuket wish-list. Their dedication to creative farm-to-table cuisine, tropical and sweet drinks and desserts, with  flickering tropical ambiance, and impeccable hospitality  form their crew. To place this 15 year gem among the most unforgettable first-time culinary adventures of Phuket, Thailand. Here at Three Monkeys you can book your honeymoon dinners, Anniversary diners, or even birthday parties for children and adults.

Come and treat yourself to a Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, or Western style menus or wood-fired sea bass under the stars and the beauty of the live music and calm serene clinking of knives and forks hitting the plates and the popping of wine bottles as the wine is poured into an ice cold glass. So if this is your style of excitement then book your cabana table at visionary Three Monkeys today! If you have any questions please email us or give us a call located on our website for bookings, we are always waiting to book your lovely event or special occasion table or cabana,do not hesitate to contact us, here at the wonderful Three Monkeys Phuket restaurant.