Restaurant, Three Monkeys

Experience the Authentic Moments

Authentic taste and experience

Are you looking for a unique dining experience and an authentic taste of Thai cuisine? Look no further than Three Monkeys. Here, you can immerse yourself in the flavors of Southern Thai cuisine while surrounded by the magnificence of nature.

experience with nature

Scenic Experiences in Nature’s Arms

For those seeking both authentic flavors and a unique dining experience, Three Monkeys is the place to go. Located in the heart of the Hanuman World rainforest, the restaurant offers an extraordinary setting that captures the essence of Thailand’s wild beauty. This is a place to escape from the city noise and busy crowd.  Here, you can peacefully enjoy your meals while nature surrounds you. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, providing a serene backdrop for your culinary delight.

There are various spots in the restaurant where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Phuket town or simply lie down and gaze at the sky. You may even breathe the fresh air while enjoying the environment.  The dining area is not confined to a single space; multiple dining zones are separated to immerse you in nature and avoid the crowds. This setup gives you the authentic feeling of dining in the forest rather than sitting in a traditional restaurant. You can walk around the premises and explore the natural surroundings, making your visit even more memorable.

You may also see people playing ziplines and flying close to the restaurant. These moments give more wild and jungle vibes creating an authentic jungle dining experience. 

The restaurant’s treehouse setting, surrounded by thick greenery, creates a lovely atmosphere, ideal for a memorable lunch or dinner. The architecture and decoration of the restaurant are unique and authentic, featuring a harmonious blend of natural bamboo, thatch, and wood. Despite its location in the jungle, the restaurant is well-lit, providing a bright and photogenic atmosphere. Every corner of the restaurant is designed to help you enjoy and feel the vibe of the jungle.

Authentic taste and experience

Authentic Flavor of Thai

At Three Monkeys, you should not miss trying its Southern Thai Cuisine which you’ll savor the authentic flavors. Each dish is crafted with traditional recipes and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a genuine taste of Thailand in every bite. The freshness is particularly evident in their seafood dishes which it seafood directly obtained from the local fishermen. If you are looking for a recommendation for signature dishes, try grilled Thai Beef Sirlion and coconut milk soup with shrimp are must-tries. These signature dishes showcase the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and quality.

The menu is extensive, offering a variety of choices that cater to even the pickiest of eaters. Besides Thai cuisine, you may also find Western and Japanese dishes, providing a global taste. In addition to the meals, there is also a wide selection of drinks ranging from fresh juices to expertly crafted cocktails. Additionally, each meal or drink is a visual delight, carefully presented to enhance your dining experience and authentic taste.

ideal for all occasion

Ideal for All Occasions

Three Monkeys is an ideal location whether it is lunch or dinner. The restaurant is also vibrant and has unique attractions at night. The acoustic live music band also performs at night. You can make the most romantic dinner for your partner at Three Monkeys. Many have chosen this enchanting spot to make memorable proposals to their partners, celebrate anniversaries, or make birthdays.

Celebrating your special day at Three Monkeys makes it more memorable. It is the perfect spot to reunite with family and catch up with friends. You can even make the gathering and dinner with coworkers here. The magical ambiance and exceptional service make every occasion special. The unique combination of authentic Thai flavors, and stunning natural surroundings, make it a perfect venue for every occasion. 

Outstanding Service

Our courteous staff is committed to giving you the memorable time possible. They are attentive and welcoming, eager to accommodate your requirements and enrich your experience. From the moment you arrive, you will be treated with warmth and professionalism, ensuring that every aspect of your visit is enjoyable.

The unique combination of authentic Thai taste, stunning natural surroundings, and exceptional service make it a must-visit destination in Phuket. For those who are looking for an authentic taste and a unique experience, Three Monkeys is waiting for you to serve the best dishes with amazing memories. It is ideal to have lunch and dinner with friends and family.