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The Ultimate Family Dining Destination

Family dining at Three Monkeys

After a long week, gathering with family is necessary for everyone to recharge with joy and pleasure. No matter how difficult life is, eating together with family is where hearts reunite and stresses slip away. If you want to experience the greatest cuisine and a gorgeous ambiance, Three Monkeys is the place to go.

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A serene setting for Family Gatherings 

Green forests and chirping birds will make the best melody to nature. You and your family will experience the best jungle dining experience surrounded by palm and banyan trees with the backdrop of an overgrown jungle. Nature will help to heal your mind and soul. All your weekday stress will disappear if you arrive at Three Monkeys.  It’s also a perfect place to catch up and have a conversation with your family. 

Three Monkeys is quite a broad space to host a large family dinner. It has tables for big families too. If you want a little more privacy, there are lovely “Monkey Dome” which are egg-shaped private room with transparent glasses making sure to enjoy nature while having privacy. You can also book the  “Monkey Nests” which are inspired by a bird nest and are somewhat further away from tables to tables, giving you a sense of luxury and separation.  

The golden hour is the must-visit period at Three Monkeys. You can enjoy family time by seeing the unique sunsets and the sky painted with vibrant colors, creating an exciting and memorable view. Everyone is looking for a chance to get this experience at the weekend. So, if you don’t want to wait and miss the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary views, you can reserve your table ahead of time. 

After the sunset, Three Monkeys offers a fantastic live band that adds the best harmony to the peaceful environment. When the sky gets darker, the whole place is lit up creating a magical and dream-like atmosphere. You can dine under the stars feeling the freedom of the stress and tensions. 

family friendly Menus

Family-Friendly Menus

Three Monkeys serves a wide variety of meals. You will love the authentic taste of Southern Thai cuisine. If your family members are seafood lovers, they will definitely enjoy the fresh seafood menus at Three Monkeys. It also serves great Western and Japanese meals with the freshest flavor. There are also salad and vegetable dishes too. If one of your family members is a vegetarian, they will make changes to the meal according to your requirements. There is also a kids menu for little children which is served with adorable plastic plates. 

creating lasting memory with family

Creating Lasting Family Memories

When is the last time you take photos with your family? Now is the perfect chance for you to create long-lasting memories. There are many vantage points and photography spots at Three Monkeys. The restaurant is genuinely photogenic and every corner is photo-worthy. Despite the fact that the restaurant is surrounded by a forest, its architectural design ensures good lighting. Yes, right. Taking photos is not only an option for creating memories with your family but those photographs will be a memory call whenever you see them later.

Open your heart and have a conversation. The family gathering is the best time to feel young again. This is also a time to live in a moment and put a genuine smile on your face. Talk about a view with your family. Put your favorite parts of food on their plates. Whether a casual lunch or celebratory dinner, Three Monkeys offers great opportunities to create long-lasting memories for you and your family.

Services best for families at Three Monkeys

Service and Hospitality

The booking process is also easy and hassle-free. You can make a reservation through the live chat on the website and phone call which is good for you if you are a quite busy person. If you have an idea to dine with family this weekend, just make a simple call or go to the website and have a chat without consuming your time. Staff are friendly and attentive and always ready to help you.

They are also as motivated as you creating a wonderful experience without distraction for your quality time. You can even host a family birthday party at Three Monkeys to have a memorable experience. There are many waiters and waitresses who will ensure you are having a wonderful time. You will experience top-notch service quality.

There is a saying that “Food tastes better when you eat with your family”. Three Monkeys is the ideal place for everyone who is seeking a place to reunite with family while having authentic southern Thai cuisine with a pleasant atmosphere. Come and visit with your family to enjoy the perfect combination of the best authentic southern Thai cuisine and the extraordinary scenery of nature. Express your love at Three Monkeys where stress and worry will definitely disappear.