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Experience Japanese Cuisine at Three Monkeys

Japanese foods at Three Monkeys

Dining at Three Monkeys

At Three Monkeys, you can experience not only the freshness of Japanese food but also the freshness of the atmosphere and nature. The fresh air and chill vibes of the jungle make your mind fresh. It is located in the rainforest which is away from traffic noise, air, and sound pollution. You can feel the peacefulness which you can not experience in a busy and crowded downtown. It is a hidden treasure for those who want to enjoy an excellent culinary experience without being disturbed.

When dining at Three Monkeys, we recommend putting your phone away instead enjoying nature, and having conversations with your loved ones instead. Use your phone only when taking pictures and making memories. In this way, you can experience the harmony of nature and the deliciousness of the food at Three Monkeys. 

Dining Japanese food at Three Monkeys

Freshness and Quality

The main thing that makes Japanese food taste better is the freshness and quality of the fish. We certainly know that and control the quality of our food’s freshness and maintain standard procedure so that we can serve you high-quality Japanese dishes. Our seafood is sourced directly from the local fishermen’s fresh catches so that you can enjoy the true freshness of Phuket.  

Variety of Japanese Meals

Although Three Monkeys is known for its authentic southern Thai cuisine, it offers a variety of Japanese dishes too. It is more than just a fancy restaurant with a touch of Japanese cuisine. You will see a comprehensive menu that is expertly curated for a full Japanese culinary experience. It has Tempura, Tataki, Sashimi, Nigri Sushi, Maki Rolls, Chirashi, Rice and soup. For appetizers, you can choose salads such as Spicy Norwegian salad, Spicy Tuna Salad, Spicy Crab stick salad, and other standard Japanese appetizers like Enadame, Chuka Wakame, and Tamagoyaki.

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Three Monkeys’ Tempura menu includes shrimp tempura, squid tempura, Kani tempura, and Enobi tempura that will make your mouth wet. As soon as you bite the tempura, you will feel the taste of the signature crispy texture of the batter and the delicate sweetness of the shrimp or other seafood inside. Tempura is not very heavy and greasy but has a rich taste of fresh shrimp. 


Try Sashimi if you want to experience real freshness and high-quality fish at Three Monkeys. You can select the Tomogoyaki, Tuna, Hamachi, Kani, and Sashimi trio set. It is slightly firm and smooth and will melt in your mouth.  You will crave for more if you have tried our Sashimi.


Three Monkeys offers Homachi salad, Tuna Salad, and Norwegian Salmon salad which are prepared in the Tataki method. If you want to taste all three, try Trio Sashimi salad.

Japanese Freshness at Three Monkeys

Nigiri Sushi

Whoever loves Japanese food will also loves the Nigiri Sushi too. You will notice the smoothness of the fish pairs well with the sticky rice when enjoying Nigiri Sushi at Three Monkeys. You can choose the Nigiri Sushi set if you want to try diverse tastes of different Nigiri Sushi at Three Monkeys. You can still order your favorite Nigiri Sushi separately. There are two types of sets for Nigiri Sushi which are premium set and mini set. If you come with your partner, you can choose premium set which has double the numbers of the mini set so you don’t need to fight. 

Maki rolls

Three Monkeys also offers Maki rolls too. To sample the various flavors, try the mixed sushi rolls, which include two pieces of hamachi, tuna, avocado, and Norwegian salmon. You should also try the Three Monkeys tropical rolls which are made with homemade grains with Norwegian Salmon. If you like crabs, you can order spider rolls which are deep-fried crabs with sesame.

Japanese Chirashi at Three Monkeys


Three Monkeys also offers the Chirashi where you can experience both the freshness of the fish and the taste of the well-seasoned sushi rice. For Chirashi, you can select Norweigan Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, and Mix Chirashi.

Rice & Soup

Suppose you are looking for some kind of rice dish, you can order salmon fried rice served with a fried egg or Garlic Fried rice. You can also choose the Japanese steamed rice with Miso soup. You can match steamed rice with salads too. 

If you visit Phuket and love Japanese cuisine, visit Three Monkeys. You will enjoy the tastes and best dining experiences in the jungle that will last forever in your memories. We’re waiting for you to served the freshest Japanese cuisine and the best Southern Thai Cruisine which is the most famous in Phuket.