Low Season Beauty of Three Monkeys

Low Season Guide

We all know that Phuket is known as one of Thailand’s premier beach destinations, with the crowds and high prices during peak season can be overwhelming. But that is why savvy travelers often opt to visit during the low season, typically spanning from May to October, it is one of the best times to visit the island as prices dip below average and the rain does not come as often as visitors think it might. One area that truly shines during this quieter period is Three Monkeys Restaurant, a charming jungle themes restaurant situated on the island’s coast of Phuket Town.

Often overlooked by tourists who are fixated on Phuket’s more famous beaches, Three Monkey offers a delightfully laid-back ambiance and a chance to experience authentic Thai and Western culture away from the tourist hordes. So here at Three Monkeys restaurant, we are to give you the ultimate guide to dining at the most beautiful restaurant in Phuket Town.

Affordable Luxury Abounds

During high season, Phuket’s hotels and resorts can command sky-high rates. But in low season, you can often score luxury digs for a fraction of the cost. That means from food, to tour trips, as well as some of the top-tier resorts, like The Intercontinental and Phuket Ramada Inn Resort. These places offer incredible deals on their ultra-luxurious pool villas and suites, giving parents and children some of the ultimate vacation fun and luxury of exploring the island of Phuket. Visitors can enjoy private plunge pools, lush tropical gardens, and impeccable service all without breaking the bank. These are usually overall included packages that are produced by the hotel via online bookings.

Beauty Of Three Monkeys

Blissful, Crowd-Free Beaches

Phuket’s most famous beaches, like Patong and Karon, and even Kata beach can feel more like overcrowded city centers during peak times. Even during the low season, these beaches can somewhat get a little crowded for most visitors. But many beaches on the island are very beautiful and quiet to visit and get away from the crowd. Beaches like Nai Harn and Ya Nui boast silky white sands and incredibly tranquil vibes, with just a few souls dotting the shores. You may even get an entire cove to yourself at times. This is probably the best time to get your tanning and suffering on when visiting the beaches in Phuket.

Whether you are lounging on a sun bed or frolicking in the warm Andaman waters, these amazing strands offer the ultimate escape. And with smaller crowds, and more tasty local food to eat, finding a great beachfront restaurant for leisurely lunches and sunset cocktails is a breeze. There are many local stalls or local Thai restaurants near all beaches that will conveniently accompany you to have lunch brunch or even dinner.

One Seating are at 3M

Three Monkeys Phuket offers the ideal setting for utter relaxation, with its live music and its views of the lush green jungle backdrop. This place is a smooth ideal restaurant for those who are looking to enjoy an intimate and romantic brunch, lunch, or dinner service.  You can also take a walk around the park and book a zipline course, or even a skywalk course through the jungle. They also have a Hanuman World Luge and Roller zipline that you can enjoy if you do not want to eat right away.

    Being right next to the famous adventure park you can book any of the available trips. When you are in Three Monkeys you can take many pictures as the restaurant is a very Instagramable place to boost your social media platforms. The restaurant has many amazing views of Phuket Town and the beautiful downtown scenery. Here you can get the most beautiful views or even sit in a Japanese setting-style dining area where you can be more comfortable while having your drinks lunch or dinner. There is even another cafe and ice cream shop that is at the exact location that is under the same company as three monekyes which is also boosted as the best ice cream in Phuket.

After you finish dinner, or lunch at the infamous restaurant you can do zipline activities, etc. You can go shopping at the local famous mall that is just 10 minutes away by car. Many island tours await you as you enjoy the island and become more in tune with what is right in front of you. You can sign up for many excursions that are along Phuket’s dramatic coastline, discovering hidden coves and sea caves. Even go snorkeling at Banana Beach Koh Hey, just a 30-minute trip from Three Monkeys restaurant by car, taxi, or motorbike.

Low Season Japanese Style

Three Monkeys is a true escape from Phuket’s high-season madness. Giving you all of the feels of how beautiful serene and quiet the island can be. By visiting during the low season, you will experience this slice of paradise at its most relaxed, authentic, and affordable. So why not join the savvy travelers who know the secret of low season? To book your tables, you can reach us via our website, email, or phone call we are always open and always here to serve you.