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Lunch in Nature at Three Monkeys

Indulgent in Cuisine

Lunch in Nature

 At Three Monkeys restaurant in Phuket, you can enjoy not only the meal but also the natural atmosphere. It is built in the middle of the rainforest and blended into nature by using only Thai Traditional wood and bamboo; creating an open-air design. Every meal presentation, furniture, and anything you see will give you the vibes of eating in the jungle. It is the must-go-to-place for you to visit if you want to reconnect and refresh your mind and body. Three Monkeys Phuket has plenty of dishes for lunch that will give you the satisfaction of the best dining experience. It is ideal for having lunch with family and spending quality time together.

Having Lunch at Three Monkeys

Recharge your mind and body

The ambiance is peaceful and refreshing. You will feel like escaping from the ordinary and your stress will disappear.  Every corner is Instagram-worthy with great lightning and a natural background.  You can choose to sit outdoors or indoors too. In the hot season, you may breathe fresh air filtered by trees and experience the cool breeze from the jungle’s shadow. The green forest also helps to relax your eyes if you are a computer person who has a lot of screen time. After lunch, you can walk around the restaurant and enjoy the Thai wood-inspired decoration supported by nature. 

Lunch Menu at Three Monkeys

What to eat for lunch at Three Monkeys?

Three Monkeys has many dishes to choose from. It is famous for its authentic southern Thai cuisine but it also offers Western and Japanese food such as Sushi and Sashimi.  Try the Three Monkeys’ Signature, Grilled Thai Beef Sirloin with spicy chilly paste. You should also try the coconut milk soup with shrimp and local fresh vegetables “Pak Miang” and spicy sour soup with river prawns served in fresh coconut as the soup.  For Western food, Three Monkeys offers sandwiches & burgers or steak and pasta. If you are looking for a more light-weighted meal for lunch, we also offer salad and vegetable plates.

Three Monkeys Desserts after lunch


Dessert after lunch is the most satisfying moment for everyone. At Three Monkeys, you will be more satisfied because you can enjoy the view while eating desserts. Three Monkeys serves a wide variety of ice cream-based treats. So, if you like ice cream, you will enjoy Three Monkeys’ desserts. You should try Coconut ice cream served in fresh coconut which is also the Three Monkeys’ signature, and the Honkey donkey, banana in syrup with coconut ice cream. If you want to try Thai Traditional desserts, you can choose traditional Thai sticky rice with fresh mango served with coconut milk. You can simply choose a seasonal mix of fruits for desserts if you prefer fresh fruits.

Tea after Lunch at Three Monkey restaurant


For the drinks, you could choose coffee, tea, or even cocktails to refresh your mind. Three Monkeys drip coffee is the best to have when visiting. The cocktails are also tasty so you will feel like you are drinking a work of art. You should capture the photos to share with your friends. We also have delicious soda, mocktails, and milkshakes if you do not like caffeine or alcohol. You can try Three Monkeys’ signature smoothie with homemade pineapple syrup fresh mango and fresh passionfruit. 

Enjoying the nature at Three Monkeys

You can have lunch with your family or partner on the weekend or any day you want in your free time as they operate every day. You can book the table online, via call or you can just walk in and reserve your table in the low season. But, we highly recommend that you book before you go if you want any specific table and don’t want to wait especially if you are going on the weekend. Three Monkeys’ restaurant is located in the middle of the Hanuman world. You can see the people passing by and having fun riding ziplines.

You should also take part in the activities to make unforgettable memories. Overall, Three Monkeys is the most famous and must-visit restaurant in Phuket if you want to take your lunch to the next level of wonder and enjoyment. We’re always warmly welcome to serve you with high-standard services and the best foods.