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Enjoy Refreshing Drinks in the Heart of a Jungle Oasis

Are you the one who is willing to escape the Matrix? The Matrix of daily routines, repetitive tasks, and ordinary sights. If so, come to Three Monkeys to enjoy the spectacular natural atmosphere while sipping the refreshing drinks. It is a place to escape from the ordinary and experience the extraordinary. Let your mind relax and regain vitality with the help of Jungle vibes and cool beverages.

Refreshing Atmosphere

Three Monkeys is located in the Hanuman World, nestled in the hills and surrounded by trees and nature. You have to drive up the hill for about 3 to 5 minutes to reach the restaurant, which is hidden by nature. Unlike a typical café or bar, Hanuman World Jungle provides a serene and immersive atmosphere where you can truly relax and enjoy your drink without distractions. You will love and enjoy every second of your experience at Three Monkeys. Under the thatched canopy, the joy of refreshment is beyond your imagination. The shades of the trees offer a natural cool place to chill comfortably. 

Drinks exclusively in Phuket Three Monkeys

Benefits of having a drink in Nature

Having a drink in nature provides not only mental but also physical benefits. The breeze carries the fresh air which is rich in oxygen filtered by the number of trees helping to vitalize your lungs and boost your energy levels. The natural, unpolluted air of the jungle promotes better respiratory health and enhances overall well-being. The scenery of overgrown green trees helps relax the eyes and reduces pain caused by excessive screen time.

The sounds of chirping birds and swaying leaves provide relaxing therapy for your ears, offering a soothing difference to the noise of busy areas. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing too. Once you get there, you may not want to leave. The restaurant’s open-air structure will give you a sense of freedom. 

Drink & Dine in Phuket

Immersive Relaxation

While sipping your favorite drink, you may see the town from the eagle’s eyes. Every experience is worth it at Three Monkeys. It is not just a place to sit and eat. It is a location designed to let you interact with nature while enjoying the greatest beverages. The restaurant is built on the trees with multiple sections of separate dining areas. You can even book the private dining areas to enjoy with your family and friends. There are also places just to lie down facing the sky and relax. Three Monkeys also offers innovative stunning spots to capture memories. 

Drink and indulge in Phuket

Flavors of the Wild

Three Monkeys offers diverse options of drinks such as coffee, tea,  smoothies, milkshakes, and cocktails. Not just diverse options; each category features a comprehensive list of both classic and signature specialties. You can order traditional coffee at Three Monkeys just like at any café, but unique creations such as “Espresso Coconut” and “Coconut Smoothie Coffee” are exclusive to Three Monkeys. 

You will also love and be amazed by the smoothie’s unique presentations. Just order the “Three Monkeys Smoothie”. You will get all the nutrients of nature in one drink. The way they garnish the drink is also clever and colorful. The flavor is extremely refreshing, giving off a natural impression. 

Whoever enjoys sweetness will enjoy the Three Monkeys milkshake.  There are four alternatives to select from. You may eat the ice cream scoop from the milkshakes. You’ll feel young again after trying the milkshakes at Three Monkeys. Last but not least are the outstanding cocktails. Don’t miss out on trying Three Monkeys’ signature cocktails. They are not just cocktails. They are wonderful artworks in which you will feel the jungle vibes and Thai traditions at the same time.

Grab Your Chances

Three Monkeys takes care of every tiny detail for your best dining experience. The jungle atmosphere is not limited to the setting. Three Monkeys drinks are unique and creative. All the drinks are served aesthetically making you feel the vibe of sipping in the wild with these special drinks. 

You might be tired of the busy beaches or maybe the crowded roads and night market which is overwhelmed by the mass tourists. If you are seeking a true hidden gem to take time for yourself while sipping a drink and enjoying nature, Three Monkeys is the best choice for you to gain new experiences of drinking in the wild.