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Set the Night Mood at 3M: Elegant Dining with Music

set your night mode at 3M

Are you tired of the busy and crowded city lifestyle and want to refresh your minds and souls?  If so, you need to visit Three Monkeys restaurant to experience the most enjoyable dinner night. It is an escape from the ordinary daily routine. People need to relax and have leisure in their free time.

We are always occupied with schedules and duties and sometimes forget to unwind and refresh our minds by gazing at the stars and enjoying nature. Our minds become dull and dusty over a long period.

To prevent that, Three Monkeys is offering an opportunity to have a delightfully delicious dinner while immersing yourself in nature. Now you can find your true happiness at Three Monkeys

It is a restaurant located in the Hanuman World Jungle. The restaurant is open-air and has a double-story constructed upon trees. Every corner of the restaurant is carefully designed to stimulate relaxation and have a thoughtful reflection, making it an ideal setting to escape the demands of modern life. Reconnecting with nature also encourages general well-being. It can provide you with various mental, emotional, and biological benefits.

Heal through the nature at dinner night

A Serene Night with Music

While nature refreshes your mind, music will heal your heart. When a live music band fills the atmosphere with melodies at Three Monkeys, the restaurant comes alive in complete harmony with its natural surroundings. Nothing gives you a better feeling than enjoying delicious food while listening to great music. The restaurant has live acoustic music performances every night except Mondays. The sound of the guitar also makes you feel calm. 

At Three Monkeys, you’ll have a nice dinner experience, with each note of music adding to the enchantment of the evening. Music is the melodies of nature. Let your senses flow with the music and heal your heart from within.  The combination of exquisite food and live music produces a unique, calming, and refreshing atmosphere, making Three Monkeys the ideal place for people seeking gastronomic enjoyment. Bring your friends and family, or spend a relaxing evening alone, and allow the melodies and tastes to take you deep into your peaceful soul.

Live music at dinner night

Nourishing Fresh Cuisine

Three Monkeys meals will satisfy your stomach. Three Monkeys offers fresh and delightful cuisines to complete your memorable dinner. Even the dishes at Three Monkeys are carefully prepared and garnished to ensure the jungle dining experience.

You’ll get the satisfaction of the best dining experience like no other. If you are seeking the authentic taste of southern Thai cuisine, Three Monkeys is the absolute must-visit. Three Monkeys also serves a wide variety of meal options for you. You can have the freshest seafood and even the delightful Japanese cuisine at Three Monkeys. 

Furthermore, Three Monkeys’ culinary team uses locally sourced and organic ingredients to guarantee that each meal is flavorful and nutritious. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a fan of traditional Thai cuisine, or want Japanese delicacies, Three Monkeys has something to offer to excite your palate.

night mode at Three Monkeys

Enjoy the atmosphere while opening your heart & mind. The whole place is lit up in the evening. Little yellow lights and lanterns are beautifully hung on the trees which feel like you are in a wonderland. Night mode at Three Monkeys also has a unique touch. You will feel young again when you face with the old nature. You may dine under the stars or sometimes with the moonlight will shine to your front. Your dinner will be memorable and special at Three Monkeys

It is truly suited for you if you are looking for the perfect spot to enjoy dinner and night-time. The place and the ambiance are aesthetic and Instagram-worthy. It is also ideal for a dinner date with your partner or a night out with your friends.

Three Monkeys is like the hidden gems hiding amidst the jungle waiting for everyone who needs to heal their souls by immersing themselves in nature. It is a must-visit dining and nightlife destination in Phuket.  If you’re planning to visit Phuket soon or have already been in Phuket, don’t forget to book a table at Three Monkeys to reconnect yourself with nature. Our team is ready to deliver the greatest cuisines and assist you in having memorable dining experiences and a special night for you.