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Miss Grand Thailand Dazzles at Three Monkeys Restaurant

Miss Grand ladies enjoying drinks

Miss Grand Thailand

Patrons of the popular Three Monkeys Restaurant in Phuket were treated to some extra glamour recently when Miss Grand Thailand 2024 contestants came in to enjoy some much-needed lunch and some fun at the nearby Hanuman World adventure park. This year Phuket city will be the host of the “Miss Grand Thailand- Unforgettable” competition which will be held March 11-22. Stunning beauties from all over Thailand came to Phuket as the competition takes way.

Miss Grand Thailand at 3M

Sawitsree, who was crowned Miss Grand Thailand in October 2022, was not in attendance but she will be at the competition watching before the finals. The women took some time during their very busy schedule to experience the renowned Three Monkeys Restaurant. Now we all know that Three Monkeys restaurant is known for its fresh seafood and breathtaking sunsetting views in Phuket Town.

So there was no other way for the women of Miss Grand to visit the amazing restaurant, it was the perfect place for the models to unwind before they take on the much needed adventure of zip-lining.

Dressed in chill lounge wear for their adventure denim jeans, sneakers, and Hanuman Worlds t-shirts, the women all posed for photos before and after they ate their lovely lunch. As the women posed for photos along the iconic Three Monkeys sign with Phuket’s stunning jungle as the backdrop.

For their meal, the women selected from the infamous Three Monkeys menu to sample an array of the restaurant’s finest offerings and drinks. The food is featured generous portions of grilled lobster, king prawns, sea bass, and assorted shellfish, all caught fresh that morning by local fishermen. And the women really enjoyed their food, next they headed out to their zip-line adventure.

Miss Grand ladies enjoying drinks

The beauty queens appeared to savor every bite and savory every drink that they ordered, complimenting the incredible flavors and freshness of the food. the women washed down their food with a refreshing coconut drinks as her hair swayed in the breezing cool air that was passing by. After the meal, the women got ready and walked to their tents to get ready for their zip-line  and skywalk adventure. These women embodied every elegance and poise of a Miss Grand Thailand woman.

Miss Grand Beauties

The owners of Three Monkeys shared their excitement at having royalty in their establishment. “We were honored to host Miss Grand Thailand and have the women experience our locally-sourced seafood dishes. They are such a beautiful ambassadors for our country.”

Three Monkeys has longstanding history hosting luminaries and celebrities when they visit Phuket. But having Thailand’s Miss Grand women in the dining room was an extra special treat for all.The women’s visit is sure to be a memorable part of Three Monkeys’ storied history on the island’s culinary scene. And hope every year the women can come back to visit us and enjoy the culinary display of traditional Thai food.

Whether you’re a beauty queen or not, the stunning vistas and mouth-watering fare at Three Monkeys Restaurant make it a dining essential when visiting Phuket. And who knows, you just might spot some Thai royalty during your visit too! So book your tables via the website or simply call-in and reserve a booking for you and your friends or loved ones.