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Escape the Ordinary at Three Monkeys Phuket

Welcome to Three Monkeys Restaurant Phuket

Where the sparkling shores of Phuket meet thick green jungle sits an exceptional dining experience epitomizing the island’s vibrant spirit. Three Monkeys Phuket infuses tropical paradise into every detail – from the colorful jungle vibes to the ethnic fusion flavors that make your tastebuds dance.

Here at Three Monkeys you can savor mouthwatering cuisines as your gaze is drawn to the sprawling vistas of the rainforest foliage. Social media worthy settings capture the ambient island magic to give you the perfect snapshot for your social media – transporting you through vibrant and indescribable views, from ocean vistas to lush emerald canopies.

Immerge and let your imagination wander between bites, soaking up the culinary stories behind each dish as flavors burst with global and local Thai influence. As the checkered history of Phuket comes to life on your plate, you’ll plot your next visit, eager to share this exotic tropical tale hidden in the jungle backdrop of Thailand’s largest island.

The experience is fundamentally Phuket. The view, is an undeniably paradise. This is dining personified at Three Monkeys.

Three Monkeys Restaurant Phuket
Three Monkeys Restaurant Phuket

Three Monkeys transports you to an exotic island paradise with its lush jungle décor. Flaming tiki torches cast a warm glow as you feast on delectable cuisine and sip tropical cocktails that fuel the imagination. Every dish tells a unique story, drawing inspiration from the rich flavors of Southeast Asia. Whether you crave spicy street food, Sushi, Western cuisine or seafood fresh from the Andaman Sea, Three Monkeys offers culinary adventure at its finest. Just minutes from the vibrant city of Phuket. Amidst the jungle vines and cool breeze, all your savory dreams will come true here. Linger at the bar, toast the sunset, and become part of the island fantasy under star-filled Asian skies.

Embracing Phuket’s vibrant jungle spirit, this charming diner blends indoor and outdoor spaces to immerse guests in the island’s rainforest beauty. Locals and visitors alike gather to soak up the lively sights and sounds – from a local Thai band filling the air with music, to playful monkey statues peering from vivid green foliage.

Dining at this restaurant will give you the ultimate cozy and dining experience with much more. You will enjoy every waking minute of dining in Three Monkeys Phuket. Floor-to-ceiling windows capture delicate scenes of Phuket Town while outdoor seating offers breathtaking vistas of lush forests, where adventurers enjoy zip-lining through the canopy. Traditional Thai dishes mingle with Western and Japanese flavors, infused with global techniques that complement the imaginative of the  island.

Immerse yourself in ultimate dining by celebrating birthdays, wedding, honeymoon dinners and even all holidays at the exclusive dining experience in the lush green jungle of Phuket, Thailand. Here is where culinary dreams and food critic dreams come alive. Experience thai, Japanese, and Western cuisine like never before from some of the best chefs in town. This is where you can relax and enjoy a nice family dinner or have a nice relaxing dinner date. Enjoy the atmosphere of delicacy and pristine beauty in the only restaurant located in Phuket’s beautiful lush green forest.

Whether you crave the intimacy of an exotic bistro or the magic of a jungle hideaway, this diner’s transportive environments let you taste the flavors, views, and fresh island air in every thoughtfully designed bite and décor detail. Here, Phuket’s natural and cultural riches shine through in an immersive rainforest sanctuary for the senses.

Thai Cuisine
Thai Cuisine
From the beach to the mountains, this diner captures Phuket culture within with immersive tropical settings across the beautiful Phuket District. The Thai spirit pours through in their one-of-a-kind spaces where the flavors, sounds, and scenery of the exotic island fuse together to bring the outdoors in. For brief island escapism without leaving Phuket. Being able to dine and enjoy live music and drinks with family and friends will have you wanting more of what we offer.