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The Best Party : 3M Songkran Festival

Songkran at 3Monkeys

Songkran Festival Fun

Finding yourself in Thailand in mid-April, well there is no bigger celebration to experience than the Songkran water festival. This festival allows you to have fun with no limits on how much fun you can have. So if you are looking for the wildest Songkran party of them all,  then you will want to head to the Three Monkeys restaurant in  Phuket town, for some much-needed Songkran fun.

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, celebrated from April 13th to 15th, with three days of excitement and fun. Bringing in over about 5million tourists each year. While it has roots as a Buddhist festival of spiritual renewal, it has morphed into the biggest nationwide water fight. Everyone from visitors to locals all take to the streets armed with buckets, hoses, water guns, and anything else that can be used to drench each other mercilessly. It makes for an enjoyable atmosphere of unparalleled fun.

Songkran at 3Monkeys

Out of all the parties and events across Thailand for Songkran, the Three Monkeys bash stands out as the absolute fun. This iconic restaurant located right in Phuket Town goes all out with a massive three-day blowout that has achieved legendary status among party backpackers and expats. Here you can enjoy traditional Thai dancing, as well as many fun activities that will send people into the water, dressed in traditional Thai attire many visitors will be able to have a chance to Thai photos and interact with staff as well. Giving away prizes and booking tables at the iconic restaurant.

The festivities at Three Monkeys kick off around noon on the 13th with a party featuring live music, dancers, games, and plenty of water warfare. The crowd gets progressively more rowdy as the day goes on, with many already in various states of undress. By evening, it is transformed into a full-scale spring break-style rager in front of the restaurant.

Songkran Celebration

The wild fun and games continue into the night at Three Monkeys’ restaurant, which features a dance floor, good food, a live music band, and plenty of drinks.  The party people keep the dancing raging until closing time, before staggering back out onto the beach or to their hotels, or to Patong beach to finish partying until the wee hours of the morning.

As if the first day’s antics weren’t crazy enough, the celebrations amp up even more on the 14th and 15th, with the water activities ramped up from concerts to non-stop playing on Bangla road. From an afternoon at Three Monkeys Restaurant to ending the night tired back at your hotel. The non-stop party trains show no signs of slowing down, as new waves of foreigners join the fray looking to get as wet and wild as possible.

Traditional Thai celebration

With copious amounts of water fights that fuel the manic energy levels, to continue the playtime and the blast of excitement around the island. Whether it is the buckets of colorful drinks the massive water guns and buckets of water being thrown around, or whatever the roving vendors are selling. We are happy that everyone is enjoying the holiday having fun, and understanding the Thai holiday. The massive amounts of pulsating music, scorching heat, and amazing water fights from all over Thailand, it is amazing to see happiness around the island.

While the party itself is bonkers, the setting of Three Monkeys is what makes it even more spectacular. Having the sprawling festivities unfold right along the stunning restaurant in Phuket town is a sight to behold. When glossed in perspiration from dancing and water games, you can simply dive into the warmth of being able to understand the Thai holidays and the creation of Buddhist prosperity.

Songkran dancing fun

As chaotic and excessive as it seems, the Three Monkeys Songkran bash is surprisingly safe and well-run thanks to the scores of staff working security and breaking up any disagreements. There are also roaming medics to treat any heat stroke or injuries. Most attendees are simply there to let loose in harmless, hedonistic bliss, and enjoy the water fights and heat.

Whether you’re a salty, seasoned backpacker or a Songkran first-timer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger adrenaline rush and more insane party environment than the Three Monkeys Phuket festival. Just make sure you’re well-rested, hydrated, and prepared for a three-day marathon before diving headfirst into the wettest, wildest celebration Thailand has to offer.