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When it comes to incredible and legendary food and drink scenes, the island of Phuket in southern Thailand is hard to beat. From beachside seafood shacks to trendy craft cocktail lounges, visitors have an endless array of dining and imbibing experiences to indulge in.

However, for those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind cocktail experience packed with local flavor and flair, there’s no better destination than the eccentric Three Monkeys Bar found within Hanuman World adventure park. This audacious outdoor bar has cultivated a legendary reputation for its exotic, Instagram-worthy cocktail creations that perfectly capture the wild spirit of Phuket.

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Cocktails Inspired by the Island’s Nature What sets the cocktail program at Three Monkeys Bar apart is the innovative use of fresh, locally-sourced fruits, herbs, and other natural ingredients found across Phuket’s diverse landscapes. The master mixologists here have a knack for transforming the island’s vibrant flora into stunningly beautiful yet potent tropical libations.

One of their signature drinks is the incredibly photogenic Blushing Monkey, a sweet and tangy blend of fresh dragon fruit, lychee, coconut cream, and Malibu rum that arrives in a drinking coconut, garnished with edible orchids. For those who prefer a bolder, more spirit-forward sipper, the Jungle Negroni made with campari, vermouth, and a secret blend of local herbs and spices provides a uniquely Thai twist on the classic cocktail.

Other standout cocktails include the Hanuman Heart Breaker made with turmeric, citrus, hibiscus tea, and gin, as well as the Coco Cooler featuring vodka, refreshing cucumber, and flaming passion fruit. No matter your preferred spirit or flavor profile, there’s a one-of-a-kind tropical drink awaiting to transport your taste buds to pure beachside bliss.

Signature Legendary Cocktails

Dining for Thrill-seekers In addition to their world-famous cocktails, Three Monkeys Bar has curated an incredible globally-inspired food menu packed with bold flavors and satisfying dishes. From savory Thai curries and noodle bowls to smashed burgers and wood-fired pizzas, the diverse menu has something for everyone’s cravings.

The open-air Three Monkeys dining area overlooks the park’s central lagoon and provides stunning vistas of the Hanuman World roller coaster soaring overhead. Grab a signature cocktail and some appetizers while watching daring riders shriek with delight as they navigate the coaster’s wild inversions and drops. It’s interactive dinner and a thrill show!

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An Eccentric Backdrop Part of the unmistakable charm and ambiance of Three Monkeys Bar is its eye-catching design and backdrop featuring the bar’s eponymous trio of oversized monkey statues. The massive, vivid simian sculptures seemingly stand guard over the bar area, adding a playful dose of whimsy that reflects Hanuman World’s overall spirit.

The 10-meter tall bright blue monkey stretches its arms skyward, almost as if reaching for a cocktail from the bartenders. Meanwhile, the green and yellow monkeys pose in animated, mischievous stances that are perfect for snapping fun photo ops when not holding one of the bar’s signature drinks.

In addition to the massive monkey monuments, the landscaping surrounding Three Monkeys is equally as vibrant and lush, filled with dense forest foliage, peaceful lagoons, towering rock formations, and wooden bridges connecting various walkways. It all adds up to an incredibly scenic, Instagram-worthy setting for enjoying the bar’s incredible cocktails.

A Wild Local Legacy When Hanuman World first opened its doors in December 2019, Three Monkeys Bar immediately established itself as a must-visit dining and nightlife destination thanks to its imaginative cocktail recipes and quirky, unforgettable atmosphere. It quickly achieved local legend status as one of the hottest outdoor bar scenes in all of Phuket.

In the years since, the fame of their craft cocktails has only grown alongside new seasonal and rotating menus, special themed nights, live music acts, and more. The innovative bar team is always dreaming up fresh ways to showcase the incredible bounty of fresh ingredients and flavors found across Phuket’s lush tropical landscape.

Three Monkeys Cocktails

So for anyone visiting Phuket seeking a truly authentic taste of the island’s diverse natural flavors infused with an irreverent, exotic flair, look no further than Three Monkeys Bar. One sip of their legendary craft cocktails and you’ll understand why this eccentric, Insta-worthy bar has achieved local rock star status among Phuket’s drinking scene! Just be sure to watch out for those mischievous monkeys….