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The Best and Most Crave-worthy Dishes in Phuket

Indulgent gourmet cuisine

Indulgent Cuisine

Within lush tropical gardens  the acclaimed Three Monkeys restaurant beckons patrons with the alluring scents of expertly grilled meats and exotic spices wafting from its open-air dining room. As you browse the eclectic Asian fusion menu, deciding what to order first may prove challenging given the array of fabulous options. These creative and beautifully plated dishes from both land and sea have earned Three Monkeys awards for Phuket’s finest cuisine year after year.

While diners rave about nearly every menu item, several selections rise to the top as absolute must-orders according to both local fans and world travelers alike. Here are five of Three Monkeys’ most crave-worthy plates that you simply shouldn’t miss on a visit to this Phuket dining hotspot.

Indulgent in Cuisine
Indulgent in Cuisine

Pan Seared Duck Breast
Featuring a succulent Australian Gippsland duck breast seared to create an exceptionally crisp skin yet tender and juicy interior, this refined entrée dish beautifully balances savory Asian flavors. Plated atop bok choy, gai lan and shiitake mushrooms sautéed in oyster sauce with ginger and garlic then paired with smooth duck liver mousse, this refined plate showcases exquisite cuisine.

Grilled Wagyu Beef Tenderloin
Of the best tenderloin offerings on Phuket, the ultra-premium grade Miyazaki Wagyu beef selection at Three Monkeys needs to be tasted to be believed. Cooked over a wood fire at scorchingly high heat for mere seconds per side, the beef emerges mouthwateringly rare with a perfectly charred crust over extraordinarily succulent and flavorful meat. Served with Ponzu butter, tempura onion rings and grilled vegetables, carnivores will be in heaven.

Wasabi Crusted Salmon
An epic twist on salmon using ingredients of opposite origins – Atlantic salmon from icy Norwegian seas coated in wasabi from Japan’s subtropical forests – this creation reveals amazing flavor synergies. The spicy horseradish kick from the light wasabi panko crust plays smashing contrast against the salmon’s rich oiliness. Paired with potato and leek tart and ponzu foam, textures and bright flavors build to new heights.

Banana Roti and Brown Butter Gelato
While the savory menu excels, Three Monkeys’ sweet endings warrant equal attention. This sophisticated dessert features a warm banana crepe drizzled in coconut caramel and topped with heavenly brown butter gelato from the restaurant’s artisanal all-natural ice cream. It’s an irresistible taste of tropics meets temperate zones in one phenomenal bite after scrumptious bite.

Have indulgent cuisine with friends
Have indulgent cuisine with friends

From refreshingly bright salads bursting with garden-fresh flavors to refined gourmet meat creations from premium cuts seared over fiery flame, decadent seafood plates conveying tastes of the sea in exquisite culinary fashion and desserts with distinct global profiles fusing flavors from diverse shores in tantalizing ways, Three Monkeys’ extensive menu hits all the right notes.

The culinary team thoughtfully sources high quality organic ingredients to craft diverse dishes that artfully showcase various world cuisine influences through appealing taste and texture profiles skillfully melded into each plate to please even the most discerning palates. Their food not only looks gorgeous when served amidst the lush garden ambiance, but delivers superb flavor magic with every savory, sweet or spice-filled bite. The range of options excite taste buds whether you crave light dishes to prime your appetite or heartier plates to truly indulge in fine tropical cuisine creations.

With great care towards honoring authentic cooking methods, Three Monkeys‘ chef effectively builds rich layers of flavors, melding textures and global preferences that have won over foodies from across the globe. Dishes like crisp soft shell crab salads or wasabi crusted salmon creatively showcase the kitchen’s expertise through distinct flavor synergies that contrast beautifully with every forkful.

So pull up a stylish rattan dining chair set under the glow of elegant lanterns and prepare for extraordinary menu items like these five most crave-worthy selections to leave you utterly mesmerized with menu mastery courtesy of Phuket’s fabulous Three Monkeys restaurant.