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Jungle Dinner Hideaway Awaits at Three Monkeys Phuket

Must-Visit Three Monkeys

Jungle Dinner Hideaway

As the last molten embers of sunset sink into the sea’s shimmering sapphire waters, figures begin to stir in the tangles of vine and twisted banyan roots cloaking the weathered cliffside. Legend tells that at twilight, the stone-carved monkeys keeping ageless watch over stunning sunsets at Three Monkeys Phuket, as you  awake from their slumber and beckon, only a chosen few  get to reveal in one of Phuket’s most magical secrets hidden in the canopy above the sky.

Flickering flames from iron lanterns now illuminate intricate timber salas impossibly perched atop towering boulders, their silk draperies fluttering like wings about to take flight on an awesome journey. As you take in the breath taking views, be prepared for even more excitement as you indulge in your cuisine. Prepared by some of the best chefs in Phuket.

Sweet jasmine and heady champaca blossoms keep perfume in the evening air, exotic fruit orchids adding bursts of color that cascade from weathered planks and beautiful customer plates. As you ascend the stairs towards billowing fabrics golden in the gloaming, a scenic panorama unfolds that steals your breath before the first taste has even passed the lips,before you have even sat in your seat, the smell and the essence of the restaurant takes over you.

For this is the emerald jungle enclave of Three Monkeys restaurant where world-class dining finally fulfills the epic potential of this legendary vantage point where you can see all of Phuket Town from the high view. As the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, you can enjoy the nice cool breee of the jungle air, and the delicate drinks from the bar.

Jungle Beauty

As one of Phuket’s only true “treehouse” restaurants set amidst native forest, Three Monkeys intertwines indoor and outdoor spaces to immerse diners fully into the rainforest environs. Hand-carved sculptures bring scenes of exotic island wildlife to life, from “Hear No evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil” monkey sculptures.

3M is here to serve you in our beautiful diner. From all walks of life & many different cuisines to chose from. Three Monkeys is a place from everyone.

Wind chimes made from coconut shells channel gentle ocean gusts through the breezy salas while hand-painted ceramic tile murals depict playful monkeys frolicking through the vines, transporting the imagination into the leafy realm past billowing curtains. walking through the serene restaurant will keep you in awe and keep you taking the best and most social media photos to boost your platform.

Jungle Beauty

As the last plums and amethysts melt from the dimming skyline, strings of festive lights lend an enchanting glow amongst our visitors, through the jungle foliage surrounding each timber dining nook. With the Thailand and its procession of super-yachts that are on the sea, here at three monkeys are sunset views are the superior coming into full twilight radiance below, you now dine in a secret oasis hidden in plain sight.

While you indulge and take beautiful photos for your social media you can also recommend this beautiful oasis to your friends and family for their vacation. This oasis is for special events from birthdays to anniversaries, here is where your restaurant dreams come true. Indulging on delicacy and signature foods all while sitting among the stars and enjoying the nice music from the band.

Phuket’s most vivid vista a private theatrical backdrop through silk-draped windows. Delighted gasps arise in realizing you share this culinary playground with only a few other couples or cozy parties of adventurers still pinching themselves at this discover. This diner will leave you and your significant other in awe throughout your entire experience in the diner.

Jungle Relaxation