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Discovering Phuket’s Best Culinary Sanctuary

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Horizon Beauty of 3 Monkeys Phuket

Nestled just off the main thoroughfare in the heart of  the amazing Phuket Old Town, here you can see an amazing and alluring horizon, weathered shophouse conceals an unexpected bohemian-chic dining jewel for curious travelers craving an imaginative escape from standard Thai fare.That dazzling urban refuge blending quirky artistic charm with warm street-side hospitality is none other than the acclaimed Three Monkeys restaurant,.

Such an exceptional new find on the island, where you can enjoy the most amazing cuisine in the city.From the moment one enters the cozy vintage space adorned in beautiful vines and philosophical exotic decor, it’s clear eccentric creativity reigns supreme.

But the artsy looks and beautiful Thailand decor proves wildly deceiving upon glancing the menu, where gastronomic craft and sophistication shine proudly rather than the whimsical novelty so overtly on display everywhere else.

Here you can let your tastebuds enjoy all the culinary cuisine that is offered. We are here to serve you the best that is at our restaurant, you can enjoy many social media photo opportunities while watching the sunset and the visitors zip-lining or zooming past on the roller coaster.

Resident Chefs seamlessly balances fragrant spices, bitter and sour notes, rich textures, and an abundance of fresh herbs in preparations elevating common ingredients to rare heights. Letting you enjoy all of the the Thai, Western, and Japanese cuisine that is offered.

Along with Pan-seared tofu and an electrifying green Papaya Salad with Smoked Trout boldly surpass pedestrian Thai options, while whole Branzino encrusted in young ginger and Guay Teow noodles sing with complex savory aromas in a class of their own.

Horizon Views
Horizon Views

Just when you assumed that the Chef’s couldn’t get more creative visions had peaked, an outrageous fritter stuffed with oozy duck egg yolk arrived, soon upstaged by sublime Australian Wagyu Beef Massaman Curry pair exquisitely with heirloom potatoes, baby corn and peanuts.

Like edible art, these unexpected masterpieces showcase the chef’s talent combining global cooking influences with regional Thai specialties and superlative local products unique to Phuket.

The passion the unique chef’s have for innovation shines through in every bite. So come and enjoy all what is here for you to we are here to serve you some of the best cuisine at Three Monkeys Phuket, your restaurant away from home, where you will be able to enjoy delicatable food for your tastebuds and many alike.

Horizon Birds Eye View
Horizon Birds Eye View

Equally remarkable is the team’s energetic hospitality  as soon as you walk into the establishment, the keen service rhythm makes you smile as you head to take your seats. Those who are first-timers will soon become regular sand our regulars alike feel well cared for with personalized guidance.The servers make the best recommendations suited to each visitor’s tastes after giggling chattering about their travels throughout Phuket.

Our staff never seems hesitant to gently steer diners from dishes or drinks less likely to impress that night. Combined with famously creative drinks and a warm genial vibe inviting visitors to crack wise about terrible shirts rather than sit awkwardly mute, Three Monkeys soon makes every guest feel like a regular in their home away from home. Here you will enjoy some of the best Thai cuisine that will have you dancing for more of what we have.

From Live music, to parties and birthday events, we are here to serve you in Phuket. You can have many private celebrations at Three Monkeys Phuket by emailing us via our email located on the website.

Many children’s birthdays, anniversaries, and parties you can celebrate here at our pristine location of three Monkeys. You can request special menu and special photography for you events etc. Come here and enjoy you vacation here at the most epic three monkeys diner.

beauty of Three Monkeys
beauty of Three Monkeys

For discerning foodies visiting Phuket thirsting to discover progressive Thai dining experiences beyond rich curry comfort foods, gastro-tourists eager to explore local culinary creativity not bound by geography or convention, or convivial diners simply desiring vibrant authentic hospitality to complement extraordinary fare, Three Monkeys soars high over the heart of the city, as Phuket’s proudly unconventional new landmark.

An absolute must-experience in Old Town for visitors who appreciate originality and personalized care! We are here to serve every one of our customers on the behalf of what they here to dine in our establishment. Here at Three Monkeys we are waiting for you to come and enjoy the best cuisine in the heart of Phuket city.For booking please contact us  via phone or email located on the website.